Creativity is a cluster of skills that are needed to produce ideas that are both original and valuable (Sternberg, 2001)

So what do you think? Do you agree?

During this last year and a half the definition of Creativity has undergone a dramatic change, creativity has been the key for schools to continue teaching and those who were the most successful were the ones who found unique ways to remain relevant and think and act different in their learning process.

As the saying says “The show must go on.” And with this we had to find new ways to expand our creativity in everything we do in these challenging times which brings us to a new level of connection with everything that we encounter with everyday and has brought us to a deeper level of appreciation.

We were used to being busy and running around and we didn’t take the time to really think if we were fulfilled, when everything suddenly stops you are left with your thoughts and you start to become creative as to what will be your next step. Creatives have said that today everyone is more aware of their time and how they want to use it, we had to move forward and that meant becoming creative in every aspect of our life and specially in education we had to learn to learn in a completely different manner which awoke our creative side in many ways.

Creativity has changed in so many ways and in the future as Minouche Shafik, Director of the London School of Economics says: “In the past, jobs were about muscles; now, they’re about brains. But in the future, they’ll be about the heart.”

Our thinking has been disrupted and it requires new ways of doing and combined with our determination and creativity we will be able to face new challenges that are required; schools are one of the most important tools in helping us face these challenges with the creativity that is taught in every class through many tools. It is about humanity now, and we have to leave a creative and positive impact on our world, so let’s get creative.