Critical Thinking for life.

by | 26 Sep, 2022 | Preparatoria

Critical thinking helps students decide what to think about, in other words it is rationalizing what they think in order to find creative solutions to everyday life situations.

Our main goal as critical thinkers is to analyze problems, find a creative solution as a free thinker and enforce the ability to make front the problem with controlled emotions and the certainty that it is the best solution.

Here at Cenca as forgers of critical thinkers our goal is to educate our students as complete human beings with abilities and capacites to be leaders that are dedicated goal-driven and commited to our country, our culture and future generations.

This pandemic age and our reactions to this once-in-a-century health crisis event
drives home the need to equip all young people with critical thinking skills and dispositions to which they have encountered with great encouragement.

CENCA is commited to providing our students with the skills to live a fruitful, happy life that will transcend through the years.