Resilience in times of transition

by | 31 May, 2023 | Preparatoria

When we faced challenging situations, our body becomes focused on surviving and tackling the issue at hand and that is why we teach our students this trait that is called resilience.

This very important trait in character will allow our students to tackle whatever comes their way and be able to recover from unexpected changes or losses that occur in life.

Resilience can be built through the following skills on which we focus in our daily routine at school, we teach them optimism and to have hope for the future and to be able to regulate their emotions and know how and what they feel and to be able to control their impulses and discover what the emotion is and how they will react to it.

This gives them flexibility in their thinking and being able to have empathy with others and adapt to the transitions that come with what we are facing every day.

Resilience allows for a steady step forward towards positive emotions that will help them cope better in situations that sometimes can not be changed, and we need to have the ability to adapt.

The true test of resilience is being able to recognize your emotions and respond to them in a way that takes you forward to learn from them.

We give our students coping tools to make them capable human beings that will be resilient, and gives them the opportunity to reevaluate their performance and change their reaction and behavior to obtain better results in the future.

Resilience is the quality that will let our students get through tough times and times of transition with flying colors.