How important is it for you to get an English certification?

by | 12 Jul, 2023 | Secundaria

One of the good things about getting an English certification is to show your excellent level of English worldwide, due to it is accepted in more than 25,000 Universities, important organizations as American Express, Microsoft and many more.

At Cenca, we truly believe that this will open plenty of working opportunities because the globalization fact is growing and growing, so no matter what your role is, communication with foreign people is in English, because it is the universal language.

The best thing is that you are able to express and understand in another language.
Have you ever heard about the benefits of being bilingual?

There are many advantages, for example, it is scientifically proved that helps your brain to solve problems easily, gives you mental flexibility, faster learning process, take better decisions, and last but not least makes you more intelligent.

Do you think that it is a good idea to start preparing for your certification if you haven’t done it yet?

And if you are already registered, and just waiting for the date…

Good luck!